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Municipal Chart of Accounts - a practical approach to get you on track

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About This Course

Municipal Standard Chart of Accounts, or MSCOA, is an issue that affects all municipalities in South Africa. It is not a straight-forward process and, therefore, many municipalities are not on track with implementing MSCOA. The deadline is looming and municipalities need to make sure they are on track or will get on track very soon. Ducharme can assist municipalities with the practical process by assessing where the municipality finds itself in the process and to advise on the necessary steps to move in the right direction.

Those municipalities that are not on track with MSCOA implementation really cannot afford to not do this assessment.

Who will benefit from this

Those entities that need practical guidance on what MSCOA means and how to get on track with implementation.

Course Staff

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Anton Slabbert (CA) SA

Anton is one of only a few trainers who were selected by National Treasury during the first round of selection of trainers and has extensive knowledge and insight into wat MSCOA entails. He has also been involved extensively in developing training material for and presenting training on SA GAAP, GRAP, IPSAS, IFRS, IAS, Budgeting, Auditing, Asset Management, Modified Cash Accounting, Risk Management and Financial Management since 2006. This includes GRAP/ GAMAP training for IMFO (Institute of Municipal Finance Officers), Provincial Treasury WC and MP, National Treasury, Auditor General (SA), Municipalities, Government Departments, Public Entities and the University of Stellenbosch (USB-ED and for the School of Public Leadership). He sits on the South African Accounting Standards Board (ASB) Public Sector Technical Forum, a body which meets on a regular basis to discuss the latest Public Sector accrual accounting implementation issues. The other members of this forum include representatives from amongst others, SAICA, the office of the Accountant General of the National Treasury, the Auditor General SA, the ASB, the Institute for Municipal Finance Officers (IMFO).

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